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Jared Magee the Physical Education Teacher at Jackson Mann School hosted a fundraise to purchase 12 new bikes for his classes his fall. Sophie visited the gym classes last week to help assemble the new bikes. Students did a great job installing the handle bars, pedals, seat posts, pumping the tires, and putting on the front wheel. They learned how to use wrenches, grease parts, and the generals of assembling a bike. And it was awesome to see their excitement after putting together their first new bike. During the class we were able to put together 7 of the 12 bikes and Mr. Magee will put together the rest with future classes.
CommonWheels is excited to continue work with the Jackson Mann gym classes and all of the great bike programming that they are doing! It was a fun day and the first group of students greeted our program manager, Sophie, with this awesome card.

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