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Earn A Bike

Earn A Bike is a great way to learn mechanical skills while working on a bike that students will be able to ride at the end of the course. Over the course of the class students will learn: the basics of bike maintenance, how to fix a flat, recabling and adjusting brakes and gears. All of our Earn-A-Bike programs are FREE

Participants who attend at least all but one session earn:

  • a fully functional bicycle
  • a helmet, lock, and lights
  • training on maintaining, fixing, and riding your bicycle

You can email for info about upcoming classes.


All Classes are on Hold for Winter 2019, We'll See You in the Spring!

Teen/Youth Earn-A-Bike

Teens will be partnered with a younger student they will mentor and work with throughout the course - this model is intended to encourage teamwork and to solidify concepts through teaching others. For the first 6-weeks of the course teens and youths will work together to fix a bike for the youths, while in the final two weeks of the course, teens will take the mechanics knowledge they learned and work independently to fix up a bike to keep.

Particularly motivated students who complete the course may be eligible to transition into our apprenticeship program. 

Not currently accepting applications - sign up for our newsletter to be notified of our next round

Women’s Earn-A-Bike Program

CommonWheels is hosting our second season of Earn-A-Bike program, in collaboration with Charlesview, Inc. This program is specifically designed for women in the Allston-Brighton area. These program is designed to give women who lack financial access to a bicycle an opportunity to learn bike mechanics and maintenance while fixing up a bicycle that they will keep at the end of the program. In addition to regular mechanics skills, the course also includes a discourse on women in the cycling community.

Not currently accepting applications - sign up for our newsletter to be notified of our next round