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Our flagship program is Open Shop, a free, DIY, bike-maintenance skillshare. We provide the tools and guidance needed to keep your bike working so you can keep riding. Our goal isn't to fix your bike and send you on your way, it's to help you fix your own bike. Open Shop is also a great chance to hang out with your fellow Boston cyclists, trade stories of biking adventures, and share your own knowledge. Don't have to work on your own bike this time, but want to learn? Volunteers are always welcome to learn by doing, by working on one of our fleet bikes. Come join us sometime!


Summer 2019: Open Shops are every Sunday, 4pm-7pm at the Grove in Allston (across from the Trader Joes).


All Classes are on Hold for Winter 2019, We'll See You in the Spring!


*Our calendar gives the broad view of where we'll be when, but always check our Twitter or Facebook day-of for weather-related changes.