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Commonwheels Partners with Scouts to Help Homeless

This time we have guest authors from Girl Scout Troop 75006 who we partnered with this spring:
This year, we really wanted to do something that would help our wider community. After looking into some issues we care about, we learned that there is a serious transportation issue for homeless who live in non-urban areas, and in particular for the homeless on Cape Cod. We came up with a plan to collect, repair and donate bikes to a family shelter on Cape Cod – The Village at Cataumet, part of the Housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod – but we knew it would take a lot of work and skills we didn’t have yet in order to be able to help.
Luckily for us we found Commonwheels!!!! Sophie Massey and Brian MacKenzie came to our aid. After we had spent time telling others about the need for bikes to get homeless adults to jobs and markets in areas where there is little public transportation, we were able to collect 16 bikes, but needed to have them checked and repaired. Brian and Sophie were AMAZING!!!!! They came to our town with a van full of tools and stands for servicing bikes, and spent hours with us going over the bikes, showing us how to help tune them up and make some repairs, and checking over all of the work to make sure they were in good working order.
In the end, we were able to deliver 14 bikes for kids and adults to the shelter, along with bike safety information and tools for minor repairs. Sophie and Brian helped us purchase discounted helmets and locks, and provided bike lights to make sure riders would be safe.
We really appreciate all of the help that Commonwheels gave to us! We learned so much from Sophie and Brian, and it was really fun. It was amazing to be able to deliver bikes to the shelter and know that they would really be helpful to the residents there!
Troop 75006 – Maggie, Tessa, Laurel & Jade

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